Takapuna Beach Cafe

UPDATE: went back again and gotta say.. the fish burger was pretty awesome along with the iced tea!  Mmmm! guess it was just these two dishes that weren’t of my liking.

harbour bridgeoutside outside deck BAKED GOODS SMOOTHIESpancakes ink burger eye view OPENNING HOURS STORE STORE BAKE ICE CREAMchair oneshoes

An open deck, slight breeze, beach next door -I think I could spend a whole afternoon here with a book.

For drinks, I asked staff for recommendations and opted for the coconut mango smoothie (tho secretly I wanted to try the salted caramel- he said it was a love / hate relationship). Personally, am not a fan of coconut, but I must say this smoothie was divine. It was refreshing due to the mango but the coconut just gave the drink a twist. However, the double chocolate smoothie was a let down. Tasted just like chocolate milk.

Since its quite a trip for me , I chose something special on the menu – yellow tuna squid ink burger. I was expecting more. The tuna was quite bland and wasn’t half rare as the staff told me when ordering. The chips were great – thick and crisps. Salad was mainly salty, I think it due to the sauce they put.

My friend chose the passion fruit meringue “pie” pancakes. I’m not sure about you, but pancakes to me would be moist, thick and fluffy. But these were everything but the opposite. They were very dry, and dense. if some sauce or golden syrup were provided it would’ve been better. However, the mascarpone cream on the pancake were outstanding! (probably could’ve ate a whole tub of it)

With high reviews and the price of the food, I would’ve expected a higher standard. Having said that I would still return again in the future and give some other dishes another try.

EAT-SPOT: 22 The Promenade  Takapuna, Northshore, Auckland.  (large free parking in front)



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