Little & Friday

cover outside chair TABLE NUMBERS interior gnache 3 TILE soda bottles CABINET HEAVEN cabinet food vanilla water CHUTNEY blue cheese quicesoda fruit tart cream donut CHALKFinally got a chance to visit this neat little cafe hidden on a tiny street in Takapuna. Hungry for food we waited patiently in line (yes the line never ends) and stared at the amazing cabinet food. Everything looked scrumptious and big servings too.
I opted for a caramelized onion quiche and a Hibiscus soda (recommended by the staff)! The quiche wasn’t as good as I thought, tho my friend’s blue cheese one was much better, stronger flavoured I guess due to the cheese. The soda however, was DELICIOUS! A must try. If it was chilled a bit more, it would’ve been perfect in this sizzling weather.

Dessert (no meal is complete without dessert right?) we chose the iconic cream donut and seasonal fruit tart. Both were amazing. The filling in the fruit tart was surprisingly refreshing. It was creamy yet it wasn’t heavy since it wasn’t too sweet either, it was a perfect  match with the fruits. The cream donut was filled with generous amounts of cream and jam. I felt like a little kid biting into a giant donut.

★A few aspects I love about this cafe, the chutney was delicious. We couldn’t get enough and had to go for second servings. The packaged goodies-I didn’t get a chance to try tho they looked good. They were giant in size. I also loved the vanilla water. It added that little extra taste to the meal.

I think I’ll be returning soon to try out other goodies (probably the wrapped sandwiches). The six barrel SODA’s are a must try!

#1… 43 Eversleigh Rd, Belmont, Auckland (North Shore)
#2… 12 Melrose St, Newmarket, Auckland (near city center)



  1. LOVE the donuts. Should try their lemon loaf, it’s my favorite :) I used to work there and the desserts are indeed to die for. But then the soda is not L&F soda though, they order it somewhere else.

      • yup it’s homemade but not in the store as far as I know of! :)
        yes it is isn’t it!!! when I was working there I remember going to make my own glass every break time. :D
        I used to work in the savory side, hence no awesome baking skills ><

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